①By mail

We can accept donations from all over Japan.

Donations are not only limited to clothing, but all kinds of items.

Please check the information below concerning items you wish to donate.
*We apologize, but all shipping costs are the responsibility of the donor/sender. Thank you for your cooperation.

②You can call us to confirm what items we can/cannot accept

  • 婦人子供服
  • 男子衣類
  • 紳士服
  • 高級婦人服
  • 電気
  • おもちゃ
  • せともの
  • 書籍
  • 文房具
  • スポーツ用品
  • 家具
  • 靴
  • バック
  • 骨董
  • 和服
  • 雑貨
  • アクセサリー
  • 寝具




  • SUGINAMI Bazaar
    Tokyo Suginami-ku Wada 2-21-2
    *No need assignment of date
  • KOTO Family Bazaar
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Taihei 4-11-3
    *No need assignment of date