Pass the items that you do not need any more to the others!
Three way we accept goods.– There are three ways we can accept your donations.

  • STEP01 宅配便

    Please check our website or contact us to make sure we can accept your items before sending. Please be aware that all postage fees are the responsibility of the sender, not the Bazaar. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • STEP02 お持込

    You can visit our center directly, from 9am – 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you drive, you can use our parking lot to unload items.

  • STEP03 集荷予約する

    If you live in Tokyo (except for particular cities) we require at least 3 large boxes or bags in order to make a pick up. It is free service. Please call and check with us.

You can call us to confirm what items we can/cannot accept

  • 婦人子供服
  • 男子衣類
  • 紳士服
  • 高級婦人服
  • 電気
  • おもちゃ
  • せともの
  • 書籍
  • 文房具
  • スポーツ用品
  • 家具
  • 靴
  • バック
  • 骨董
  • 和服
  • 雑貨
  • アクセサリー
  • 寝具