After the confusion of WW2, the Salvation Army in Japan started a free shelter for workers lacking housing. But as order was restored, the need for the shelter decreased so we focused on working to meet the needs of alcoholics. On July 11, 1969 the Men’s Social Center was established in Tsukishima (Chuo Ward, Tokyo).


Center Progress

July 11th 1969 Alcoholic rehabilitation center Jijyokan and Tsukishima Corps (church) are jointly established in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. The first director of Jijyokan (Mr. Juubei Miyamoto) holds a flea market using some of the space on the grounds of the Salvation Army Booth hospital in Suginami. Using the same style of Salvation Army thrift stores overseas, profits from sold items are used to help support the alcoholic rehabilitation program.
1980’s A temporary building is used to host the flea market. The flea market is renamed the Salvation Army Bazaar and becomes well known in the community. Every Saturday many customers (both Japanese and foreigners from all over the world) come to shop.
As the temporary building ages, a new Bazaar building is proposed and support with the help of residents in Suginami.
November 4th 1987 The new Bazaar is a 2 story building constructed with reinforced iron and concrete. The new building allowed more space and smoother operations for the staff. At the request of the customers, operating hours were extended from 1pm to 2pm.

Current Progress

In 2000, some new regulations were enacted which the Bazaar had to follow. When disposing of certain items, we must pay a disposal and processing fee. Electrical appliances made before 2001 may have some safety issues as discussed in the PSE law. This has created some difficult challenges for us when we have to dispose of items. So we are asking for people to be mindful of this and encourage you to call or contact us when donating certain items (especially electric appliances).

Despite these challenges, we are grateful for the warm support and understanding you have shown us. We give thanks to God for helping us get this far and look forward to many more years of service as your friendly neighborhood Salvation Army Bazaar. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. May God bless you.